Dar L-Annunzjata accepts admissions both on a private and/or Private Public Partnership Scheme

  • For Private admissions, please contact us on the provided links on this website and we will gladly introduce you to our residence.
  • For admissions through the PPP Scheme:


  • A senior citizen over 60 years of age; or
  • A person suffering from some form of disability; or
  • A senior citizen who suffers from dementia; or
  • A senior citizen who needs long term care; or
  • A senior citizen who cannot live in his own home environment

Required documentation:

  • Medical Report by the respective General Practitioner
  • Any certificates/medical reports issued from hospital

Online applications are available on the following link:

Hard Copy Forms are available on the following Link:

Once applications are received by the competent governmental department, there will be communications with the applicant. Assessments are done and based on these, the applicants are put on a waiting list for the admission to an elderly home

For further information about due contributions for long term care in governmental homes and/or Public Private Partnetships Residences, please consult the relevant authorities. The following link gives further information on the matter: