Dar L-Annunzjata is planned to care dementia care for our residents. Dementia is a progressive condition and the elderly may be affected. Having an entire residence with Dementia friendly environments, practices and concepts will enhance care and limits further disorientation and problems to our residents.

Care is provided on a 24 x 7 basis through professional, caring and trained clinical and hospitality staff. All floors are designed to facilitate resident movement without restricting them from having an active life. More so, dementia friendly colour schemes in bedrooms, bathrooms, living/dining rooms, soft furnishings, furniture, tiles and corridors were used. To compliment care, mobile multisensorial interactive equipment is available at the Residence promoting further quality care for our elderly residents.

Absolute values at Dar L-Annunzjata are inclusion and active ageing. All residents irrespective whether they suffer from dementia or not are encouraged to be active and be part of the community within the Residence. An innovative wearable nurse call system for elderly homes is provided for all residents. They can call for care assistance through it from any place within the Residence. This facilitates movement by residents since they will not be confined by their bedsides from where they can call for assistance should they have the need. Call alerts and location from where the call was activated are immediately picked up on technological applications provided to our staff and assistance can be more effective, efficient and timely.