Mission & objectives

Dar L-Annunzjata is committed to be the leading provider of long-term care for the elderly. It is our mission to establish ourselves as the household name in Malta in providing high quality, holistic and dignified active ageing services with respectful responsiveness to the individual needs of vulnerable senior citizens. Our care programmes are designed and operated with exceptional quality meeting the widest range of current and future senior citizens’ needs promoting full potential and inclusion.

Our philosophy in care is surrounded by a set of values:

  • Residents are our priority and they are always in the centre of our activities.
  • Dignity, mutual respect, inclusion and residents’ rights are pivotal.
  • Residents are full of potential and major contributors towards the wellbeing for self, fellow residents and the community at large.
  • Eldercare staff are the most important resource and as such are trained, supported, encouraged, recognised and rewarded.
  • Policies and procedures provide a fair and consistent application of rule yet, initiative and creativity are encouraged to reach results-oriented objectives.

We aim to provide an optimal, resident-centred care taking into account a holistic approach to satisfy residents’ individual needs.

To fulfill this aim, we set the following objectives:

  • To reach established Key Performance Indicators.
  • To abide with the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People.
  • To abide with the National Commission Persons with Disability Guidelines.
  • To follow agreed internal Policies and Procedures relating to Clinical Practices, Human Resources, Hospitality Management, Infection Control and, Administration.
  • To abide with set Social Care Standards for older persons.
  • To create a conducive environment throughout the residence enabling senior citizens and/or sufferers from dementia to maintain and promote a safe and active ageing.