It is more than ever where technology complements care. Dar L-Annunzjata embarked to have various ambitious IT solution projects and initiatives.

  • Nurse Call: All residents have been a wearable, waterproof nurse call device. Through this, they were given the liberty to move around the residence knowing that if they need help, they can ask for assistance from any place in the residence.
  • Portable Devices for staff: The Residence equips all the staff with a portable device on which, all incoming nurse assistance calls are received. This will inform all staff which residents called for assistance as well as their position in the residence so that they can immediately attend to the residents’ call.
  • These portable devices will also have various IT applications which will provide better quality care, efficiency and effectiveness. Such applications include meal orders, administrative issues, internal communications as well as comprehensive documentation about the residents’ care plans
  • Social Media: The Residence is equipped with a high speed WIFI system. This will provide adequate means for our residents to stay in touch with developments outside the residence. More so, Dar L-Annunzjata provides the necessary hardware so that residents may have scheduled video-calls with their loved ones. All TV sets are also equipped to have live broadcast events which may be indicated.